Hooked on learning at County Tech

No desks, no blackboards, and not a textbook in sight. Hans Toft has melted away the walls of his natural sciences classroom at Cape May County Technical School to create a land where the wild things are.

Fresh and saltwater fish, caught by the school’s students, swim in dozens of tanks atop lab tables. Eels twirl along the floor of an indoor pond. Sand sharks dance on the surface of a five-foot pool like dolphins begging treats at Sea World.

Fighting Breast Cancer One Day at a Time

Among us were breast cancer survivors and those still fighting that battle; people who had lost loved ones and those who feared losing them; and people who wanted to make a difference by spending three days walking in a world that so often rushes by. Together, they retaught me things I knew as a child but so frequently forget — lessons in courage and generosity and kindness.