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Jersey-Fresh Vines and Cape May County Wines

(Previously published in On Deck Magazine and Old Vines? It’s no secret that for sweet corn and juicy tomatoes, Jersey Fresh is always a good bet. But now, those with discerning palates are also seeking out the fruits of another vine—New Jersey wines. Before you scoff, consider this. In 1767, nearly a century before […]

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Big Beach, Big Bang in Wildwood

(Previously published in the Wildwood Leader) Kimmel Schaefer says 22 years in the fireworks industry may have had an effect on his hearing. He can’t hear his wife tell him to take out the trash, but luckily he can still hear the ooh’s and ahh’s of the crowd at a fireworks show. “It still gives […]

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Thunder at Collegeville Farmers’ Market? Don’t miss it!

(Previously published in The Market Beet) Lisa Kerschner of North Star Orchard reported this week that we can expect Thunder at our market this Saturday. But leave your raincoat at home. Big, Dark and Impressive Thunder is a grape variety that is big, dark and impressive in many ways – but don’t expect it to boom. Instead, you […]

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RV Parks Near Water Country USA and Williamsburg, VA

First Published at Media Studios. Overview Williamsburg, Virginia, offers something for everyone, from adventures at theme parks like Busch Gardens and Water Country USA. Other visitors enjoy golf, biking and even bowling. RV parks in the area offer basketball and volleyball courts, shuffleboard, horseshoes and other active pursuits. Wet and Wild Water Country USA, […]

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An American Odyssey – A Tale of a Trip and a Missing Tiki

Previously published in Sun-by-the-Sea It was the best of times; it was the worst of times. That pretty much sums up last summer. A trip of a lifetime, followed by a totaled car, three broken bones, and months of limited mobility. But I can live with that. The cross-country trip had been in the back […]

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Better Late Than Never for Buck’s Electric and United Way Food Pantry

At the end of the year, Buck’s turns naughty behavior into something nice by going on a massive shopping spree to restock the United Way of Cape May County’s food pantry.

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Hooked on learning at County Tech

No desks, no blackboards, and not a textbook in sight. Hans Toft has melted away the walls of his natural sciences classroom at Cape May County Technical School to create a land where the wild things are.

Fresh and saltwater fish, caught by the school’s students, swim in dozens of tanks atop lab tables. Eels twirl along the floor of an indoor pond. Sand sharks dance on the surface of a five-foot pool like dolphins begging treats at Sea World.

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Fighting Breast Cancer One Day at a Time

Among us were breast cancer survivors and those still fighting that battle; people who had lost loved ones and those who feared losing them; and people who wanted to make a difference by spending three days walking in a world that so often rushes by. Together, they retaught me things I knew as a child but so frequently forget — lessons in courage and generosity and kindness.

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Lucy Lou’s Baking from the Heart

The neon heart in the window of Lucy Lou’s pink bake shop tells it all. Baking is Susan Scully’s first love. The former echocardiographer once performed ultrasounds on the hearts of patients, but now she warms the hearts of customers in the retro-style sweetshop she opened on New Jersey Avenue this spring. Scully said she […]

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